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Nicki Minaj ‘Feels Threatened’ By Cardi B, Provoked NYFW Fight




Nicki Minaj is feeling insecure, huh?

The Queen artist got into a physical fight with fellow rapper Cardi B last night at a Harper’s Bazaar event for New York Fashion Week after about a year of tension between both artists. And now, sources tell us that Nicki isn’t liking Cardi’s fast rise to fame.

‘Nicki feels threatened now that Cardi is breaking records and taking over the female rap scene,’ a close insider revealed. ‘She seems to notice how a lot of people are preferring Cardi’s music compared to hers.’

No kidding. Cardi B had a number one album with Invasion Of Privacy as well as a number one single with ‘I Like It’ – not to mention her feature on Maroon 5’s ‘Girls Like You’ is one of the most streamed songs of the summer.

On the other hand, Nicki Minaj’s album Queen debuted at number two. Plus, all of the singles she put out this year all remained out of the top 10 with the exception of ‘Chun-Li’ which peaked at number 10.

‘There’s definitely some jealousy involved,’ the source continued. ‘She [Nicki] wants to keep her spot as the reigning queen of rap, but Cardi B is on a roll and won’t stop. She provoked the fight at the Harper’s event because she knows Cardi B would be the only looking bad.’

Yikes! But did she? 

Cardi kind of looked like a badass. Just saying.

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