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Ariana Grande ‘Inconsolable’ Following Mac Miller’s Overdose Death




Mac Miller passed away on Friday from an overdose. While all of Hollywood has been sending their thoughts and prayers to the rapper’s family and honoring moments with him, his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande has been notably absent from any reaction. But, it is understandable.

She is not coping well with Mac’s passing.

‘She is going through a very difficult time. She is inconsolable,’ a source close to the singer tells Bops And Bangers. ‘There is no doubt that she cared for him deeply, but his drug use was just too much.’

The guilt she must be feeling. However, she needs to understand that this is not her fault at all. He just had too many demons in his life.

Ariana and Mac dated from 2016 up until May of this year. A week after their breakup, Grande was already dating comedian and current boyfriend Pete Davidson. Miller was in a terrible car accident – in which he was driving under the influence and fled the scene. Following said accident, Grande tweeted ‘pls take care of yourself’ and also said that ‘I am not a babysitter or a mother and no woman should feel that they need to be,’ after a fan tweeted that Ariana leaving Mac was to blame for his drug use.

Many people on the internet are wrongfully blaming Ariana Grande for Mac Miller’s death. That is so messed up. This forced her to disable comments on her Instagram account earlier today.

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