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Cardi B Accused Of Ordering Attack On Two Strip Club Employees




She makes money moves, and physical ones too!

Cardi B is being accused by two strip club employees of ordering a physical attack against them. They allege that the rapper was after one of them called Jade – who supposedly slept with Cardi B’s baby daddy, Offset.


Apparently, both Cardi and Jade have run into each other quite a bit throughout the summer. In June, Cardi supposedly confronted Jade at a hotel in Atlanta and threatened to physically harm her. This is something that Jade says also happened on Instagram. (But, hmm.. if it did, where are the receipts?!)

The other two confrontations apparently occurred in August. On the 15, Jade says people from Cardi’s team ‘grabbed her hair, punched her face, and attacked her with an ashtray.’ And then, on the 29, they met at a club where Jade says bottles and chairs were thrown and Cardi yelled, ‘I’m blood I’ll fuck you bitches up!’

While I believe Cardi would get that crazy, I honestly doubt it happened. Jade and her sister Baddie G (who has been targeted in these attacks as well) are looking to file a lawsuit against the rapper.

Something tells me the motive here is to get moneyyyyyyz. 

(Photo: Instagram)

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