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Nicki Minaj Is Doing Everything ($5 Sales, Adding Hit Songs) She Can To Ensure ‘Queen’ Debuts At Number One




Someone’s a little desperate.

Nicki Minaj released Queen last week and it looks like it is struggling to move enough units in order for it to become the rapper’s third album to hit number one.

The demand and sales/streaming for Travis Scott’s Astroworld have proven to be phenomenal. It debuted at number one last week, but it is still selling enough on its second week to prevent Minaj from getting that number one spot she clearly desires.

But Minaj has a plan.

The singer has put Queen on sale for only $5 on TIDAL for the next 48 hours. Additionally, those who purchase also get a free trial on the streaming service and a poster of the album’s cover.

But that’s not all.

Nicki has added her 6ix9ine collaboration ‘FEFE’ to the album as a bonus track. The songs streams then also count into the statistics for Queen’s first week. It really is a way of playing the system.

I am curious to see if she can outsell Travis. Apparently, she had moved the album’s release back one week to prevent competition from Ariana Grande’s Sweetener – which is out this Friday. Too bad Astroworld is astronomical when it comes to streaming and sales. 

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