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Nicki Minaj’s Ex Safaree Says He Almost Died After She Stabbed Him, She Bows To Expose Him On Her Radio Show




This is getting really ugly guys.

Nicki Minaj is in the middle of heavy promotion for her just-released album Queen. The singer went off about her past with ex-boyfriend Safaree on a recent visit on Hot 97 Flex’s radio show. This prompted him to lash out crazy claims about Nicki – more specifically that she almost killed him one time.

During her appearance on the radio show, Funkmaster Flex asked Nicki about the rumors of Safaree ghost writing for her. She lost it. She got really heated about the entire thing saying that she has written in every single one of her songs. She went on to say that he used her for fame, and then made some pretty bad allegations – including that he would use her money to pay for prostitutes. 

That lead to everything stirring up for a wild Twitter fight. Let’s take a look.

First, Safaree took to Twitter in response to everything being said during Nicki’s radio interview. He addressed Nicki’s prostitute claims, the missing trust between each other, and the time she supposedly stabbed him and nearly killed him.

Then, it was Nicki’s time to drag her ex. She detailed the credit card incident and suggested that Safaree begged her to take him to the Europe Music Awards. She then affirmed that she will continue to expose him on her Apple Music radio show Queen Radio this Thursday. And the lowest blow (for now), she said that he asked her and Meek to help him get a photo of his penis away from someone he had sent it to. Yikes!

Safaree then took his turn – and that has been the end of it as of now.

OUCH. This is so intense. 

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