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Demi Lovato’s Overdose Caused By Same Drug That Killed Prince, Lil Peep




This could have been even worse.

Demi Lovato overdosed on Oxycodone laced with Fentanyl which ultimately lead to her hospitalization and return to rehab in a near-death experience. The latter of the two drugs caused the death of Prince and Lil Peep – and is so intense that it was used to for the execution of an inmate in Nebraska today.

According to TMZ, Lovato asked the dealer to come to her house at 4 in the morning on July 24 after partying all night. The dealer is said to have drugs from Mexico, and some that are not necessarily clean. He made a run for it after noticing she was ‘in bed, breathing very heavily.’ It was later reported that her assistant found her unconscious with vomit and blood on her bed.

That is terrifying.Β 

Lovato spent a couple of weeks in the hospital in critical condition. During that time, some close to her threaten to leave her life if she refused to enter full treatment in rehab. When she was discharged, she immediately headed to rehab and canceled the remainder of the tour. However, she left for Chicago just last week.

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