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New: ‘To Be Free’ – Passenger




Passenger has a new song and music video out. ‘To Be Free’ comes from his upcoming ninth studio album Runaway – which is out Aug. 31. The song is inspired by the story of his father’s tough upbringing and reminds us of how the United States was built on immigration.

‘Ziggy (my grandad) was German and Molly (my grandmother) was polish. They were both Jewish and living in Germany when the second world war was about to begin,’ he writes. ‘Once the war was over they, like so many other Jewish refugees, left Europe for America. They ended up running a chicken farm in New Jersey in a town called Vineland which is where my dad and his siblings grew up . Needless to say with very little money and so much trauma it was an extremely difficult childhood for them.’

‘As I was growing up I heard snippets about their ordeal although understandably it wasn’t something that people wanted to talk about in any detail . Over the years I’ve pieced together a rough idea of what they went through and just how appalling and terribly sad the whole thing was .

‘I’m not ashamed to say that I wrote and sang and cried as the song tumbled out of me . I’ve never had an experience like it . It came from such a deep place and it was a bizarre feeling to be pulling it out and putting it in to a song.’

Check it out below.

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