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Bops Of The Week: Britney Spears, Drake, & More



Bops Of The Week is our weekly charts featuring our top ten favorite songs from the previous week. They are ranked based on our taste, the buzz they are creating, and the reception from fans on social media.

Welcome to the first ever edition of Bops Of The Week! I am so excited to introduce this addition to the website. The list is based on the week from July 30 to Aug. 5. Let’s dive right in!


1. ‘In My Feelings’ – Drake

Drake is on top of the world and last week he released the music video for his latest single ‘In My Feelings.’ It’s not your average music video, but more of a comedic short-film. It features plenty of cameos and addresses the famed challenge – which has people dancing about Kiki all over the world.

While I find the Toronto rapper quite overrated, this song is my most-played at the moment. I hate myself for liking it so much, gahhhhhh!

2. ‘Girls Like You’ – Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B

When it comes to pop radio, Cardi B’s feature on Maroon 5’s single is taking all the power. Its airplay is insane. You can probably hear this song playing on a station multiple times within one hour. It’s a testament to how ideal it is to have someone as hot as Cardi B on a song right now.

After all, Maroon 5 had been getting a little stale. I applaud them for staying relevant on radio all these years. Many artists and bans from when they started would kill for the amount of airplay they get. I guess they just know the formula for radio-friendly bops.

3. ‘I’m A Mess’ – Bebe Rexha

The lead single from Bebe Rexha has one of the catchiest choruses of any pop song released this year. This electro-pop gem is one of the better singles Bebe has. She knows it – and that is why promotion for it is rampant despite being released in mid-June. It may have cheesy accomplishments like being the most-played song on Radio Disney and hitting the top 10 charts in Malaysia, but she proudly performed it at Lollapalooza last weekend in front of thousands. 

I’m not going to lie. When I first listened to this song, I was deeply uninterested. I didn’t even add it to my music library. Two months later and it is one of the songs I listened to the most. It’s definitely a grower and that is evident with the views on the music video, reaching 36 million in less than two months. It has potential!

4. ‘Missing U’ – Robyn

It’s comeback queen! Robyn dropped her first single in 8 years last week, and sent all the gays home happy. ‘Missing U’ is so good because of its similarities to the sounds she had on 2010’s Body Talk – her most illustrious work to date. It is so refreshing to see the Swedish pop star back in the game.

Description of me when the song was released: hiding under the covers, headphones on, shaking … a slight, yet high shriek heard from within. She’s back bitches!


5. ‘OMG’ – Iggy Azeala ft. Wiz Khalifa

Another lady making a comeback last week was Iggy Azalea. The Australian goddess put out an EP called Survive The Summer. Given all the flack and lack of good press in her career for the past few years, this may have just proven that she can survive the summer and much more. It’s a really good six songs. The Wiz Khalifa-assisted ‘OMG’ is my personal favorite and I could see that becoming a promotional single.

I personally remained a fan of Iggy throughout her ups and downs. Heck, I thought ‘Team’ was a great song, but I guess I was one of the few. Either way, this EP really has a much darker sound to it – adding to the badass persona she seems to want to portray. I like it and ‘OMG’ is my favorite song on it.

6. ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ – Ariana Grande

Unpopular opinion but ‘The Light Is Coming’ and ‘God Is A Woman’ are lackluster at best. Ariana Grande is just days away from releasing her fourth studio album Sweetener, and frankly – I am still only listening to the first single ‘No Tears Left To Cry,’ which came out nearly FOUR MONTHS AGO. This song is still on the top of the charts at Billboard and remains her only song on the iTunes Top 100. AND – the only Ariana song on my ‘currently’ playlist (other than two of pop’s best songs ever: ‘Into You’ and ‘Break Free’, duh). 

In a rather unsuspecting move, Grande has been releasing singles that are just not up to par with her previous work. Think about it. She gave us ‘Dangerous Woman,’ ‘Into You,’ ‘Side To Side,’ and ‘Everyday’ on the last one. The only song that could even come close to being on that level is NTLTC. Sorry not sorry. 

But girl, I can’t wait for the rest of the album. And, I LOVE the first single. I’ll play it until the day I die.

7. ‘Skyscraper’ – Demi Lovato

The entire situation with Demi Lovato is so intense and sad. Her 2011 single ‘Skyscraper’ was released after her first time in rehab. It was such an emotional return for her to the music scene after dealing with her demons for the first time early on in her career. The song is so inspirational – talking about the end of the world and how there still managed to be that one skyscraper standing tall.

I weep every time I see her perform this song. Now, it is quite unfortunate that her latest incident has brought me back to listening to it so much. Thankfully, it is such an empowering anthem and her letter from yesterday surely gives me hope that she will come out of this once again.

8. ‘Tequila’ – Dan + Shay

Everybody’s drink of choice in the world of country music seems to be ‘Tequila.’ Dan + Shay are on top of their game this summer with the release of their self-titled album – and their alcoholic-inspired single has a lot to do with that. It remains the most played song in country radio at the moment. 

Just like the aforementioned Bebe Rexha song, this one was a grower for me. My taste in country music is very specific, but I love it and my current obsession with this song undeniable. Watch them perform it on Jimmy Kimmel Live by clicking here. 

9. ‘Gimme More’ – Britney Spears

Who is it? It’s Britney bitch!

Pop music’s most untalented yet adored princess performed in front of 60,000 fans at the biggest gay pride event in the UK in Brighton last week. Britney Spears is currently touring the world with a low-budget version of her Piece Of Me show that ended in Las Vegas late last year. But, she is still charging outrageous prices and people are still attending the shows.

‘Gimme More’ has been stuck in my head lately. The factors?

  1. The opening line.
  2. The thumping bass beat that follows it.
  3. The repetitive yet catchy chorus.
  4. And the verse that starts with ‘a center of attention…’
  5. The whole song.

Love me some Britney – even though she won’t even sing live for a million dollars!

10. ‘I Don’t Want To See You Anymore’ – XYLØ

XYLØ is creating a lot of buzz in the breakthrough pop scene. The singer released an unnoticed gem that already sounds like a pop smash hit last week called ‘I Don’t Want To See You Anymore.’ While it has not received the recognition it deserves yet, it could surely catapult her into a whole new level with the appropriate promo.

This was my favorite release from new music Friday last week. I luv it!

Residing in San Antonio, Peter is the creator and editor-in-chief of this blog. He is currently pursuing degrees in Journalism and Business & Event Management. He is a news junkie, pop culture aficionado, and live-music obsessed.