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Iggy Azalea’s ‘Survive The Summer’ Is Her Big Comeback: A Review




Our girl Iggy Azalea has been through a crazy roller coaster of a career. One day she was on top of the world, the next struggling to keep the attention of music fans and dealing with some unfortunate personal issues. But, she always managed to keep her name alive. And, that is all she needed to do while she worked on this new EP.

Survive The Summer is an ode to her resilience both in her career and life as a woman. It is as hard-hitting musically as it is lyrically – clearly showing that she is here to stay and she doesn’t care what anyone has to say.

I love that six songs was all she needed. Her obsession with staying confident and showing strength is nicely unveiled through cheesy, yet productive lyrics such as ‘pussy in your face, gotta put you in your place’ on the Tyga-supported ‘Kream’ and ‘bitches tryna put an end to me, producers still sending beats’ on the title track.

While there are less enticing cuts such as the more laid-back ‘Hey Iggy’ and the humble beginnings escapade ‘Kawasaki,’ some standouts include the cocaine-inspired ‘Tokyo Snow Drip’ and my favorite on the album ‘OMG.’ The latter features Wiz Khalifa and talks about the luxuries of Azalea’s celebrity.

Maybe, Iggy didn’t just accomplish surviving the summer. Perhaps, she just survived everything.

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