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New: ‘I Don’t Want To See You Anymore’ – XYLØ




This new music Friday has been packed with great tunes, but my favorite release of the week comes from pop singer XYLØ. Her new single ‘I Don’t Want To See You Anymore’ is the perfect dose of pop I needed in my life today. I luv it.

Surrounded by a catchy synth-full beat, the song declares the need to get away from someone in this crazy world. 

She recently explained the meaning of the song saying, ‘It used to be easy to avoid someone. All you had to do was not pick up the phone or answer the front door. Now that’s impossible when you have a window to the world in your pocket. It feels like no matter how hard you try to forget about someone you’re only a tweet, a tag, or an Instagram post away from being reminded that they very much exist. [This song] is my cry for help in this episode of Black Mirror I call my life.’

Ugh, we get you girl. We get you.

Check it out below!

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