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New: ‘Expectations’ – Magic!




Magic! have announced that their third studio album is called Expectations and will be released Sept. 7 via RCA Records. Plus, the title track serves as the second single from that effort – following ‘Kiss Me,’ which dropped earlier this summer.

Expectations Track List

1. “Expectations”

2. “Core”

3. “More Of You”

4. “Kiss Me”

5. “Appreciate You”

6. “Eyes Don’t Tell Lies (Interlude)”

7. “Darts In The Dark”

8. “Motions”

9. “Space (Interlude)”

10. “How You Remember Me”

11. “Things You Say”

12. “When The Trust Is Gone”

13. “A Little Bit Of Love”

The song ‘Expectations’ fuses an equally feel-good vibe with slower-tempo vocals. It is a little removed from the sound from lead single ‘Kiss Me.’ But with both cuts now out, you can kind of see what the LP will sound like.

Check it out below!

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