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Demi Lovato’s Assistant Thought She Was Dead When Found




Poor Demi! As I learn more about this terrible incident, it just appears as if the entire situation was even worse than when I first heard about it.

Demi Lovato’s assistant started screaming ‘She’s dead!’ ‘She’s dead!’ when the troubled pop star as found unconscious at her home in Los Angeles last week after overdosing on heroin.

Sources say that the bodyguard heard the assistant yelling and he immediately went into emergency mode – running to Demi’s side and helping her breathe. Her airways were blocked by vomit and there was blood next to her. 

That’s quite scary!

Thankfully, yesterday I reported that Demi has agreed to head to rehab as soon as she is allowed to leave the hospital – where she is now getting better. She has been there for about a week and was in critical condition as early as Monday.

Thoughts and prayers continue for Demi to make a full recovery.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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