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Christina Aguilera Promises New Music Won’t Take As Long As Last Time




Exciting news!

Christina Aguilera promises that the follow-up to her latest album Liberation won’t take long to come out. She probably realized that waiting six years to release a new album was not a good idea. Therefore, she will not wait as long next time.

Now, that was in regards to a full album. But as far as new music, it could come out at any given moment. The pop star recently revealed on a Twitter Q&A that she has a lot of songs that didn’t make it on Liberation, and that she wouldn’t mind putting out there for the fans.Β 

‘I had recorded a lot more & you may see them pop up on tour, on my socials, or even on a follow-up album… WHICH NO I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE ANOTHER 6 YEARS TO RECORD,’ she tweeted. ‘Part of the reason behind #Liberation taking that long was a start and stop process with having my daughter & my schedule with The Voice, which is no longer happening, and I am very inspired with the new direction I’m going.’

That’s awesome. Her tour is just around the corner and it just feels good to have such a prominent name in pop make a comeback. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us when she hits the road, and what other material she will release!

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