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Demi Lovato Heading To Live-In Rehab



After overdosing last week and being hospitalized since then in what could have been a life-or-death incident, Demi Lovato has agreed to head to rehab as soon as she is released from the hospital.

According to sources close to the singer, the family waited for Demi to not be in such a critical condition to ask her if she wanted to go to rehab. Thankfully, she has agreed to do so – and is allegedly going to a live-in facility as soon as she is let out of the medical center that has been taking care of her.

This is a sign of relief for everyone. Some of those close to her had even threaten to leave her life if she chose not to go.

It is critical that Demi follows through with this rehab commitment. What happened last month was easily the scariest thing to ever happen to her. She needs to take care of herself and control her addiction before it gets much worse.

This story is so sad and scary, and has given me flashbacks to the downfall of someone as talented in the likes of Amy Winehouse.

I really hope she fixes herself up. I love Demi and she has a long career ahead!

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