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Demi Lovato’s Team Threaten To Quit If She Refuses Treatment




Demi Lovato is still in the hospital following her overdose last week after a night of partying. While she is doing much better, it is clear that this relapse has been the worst she’s ever been despite a long history of substance abuse problems. And now, those close to her hope she decides to fix it once and for all – as if it gets any worse, it could be deadly.

TMZ reports that some of the people that work for her have decided that they will remove themselves from her life is she does not take care of herself and does rehab as soon as she is out of the hospital. While the team and her family are set on sending her to a rehab center, Demi obviously could refuse as she is not required to go. Everyone around her is hoping that she does the right thing and follow-through with extensive help.

There’s no question that it would be irreparable for her if she did not attend rehab. This will be a critical moment for the young star’s career, which has suffered multiple times for the same reason. However, it has never reached this level of intensity. The scare last week was truly something that should get her to understand that her health goes first and she must fight and beat this addiction.

We will follow Demi’s story closely and wish her well.

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