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New Details From Madonna’s Upcoming Album Emerge




Madonna is hard at work on her upcoming 14th studio album, but recently a some details surrounding this latest effort were leaked to the British press. The alleged source claims that this will be the queen of pop’s most ‘cutting edge’ album to date. Something that surely won’t come easy as Madonna has always done and outdone herself in that category.

Song titles from her forthcoming work were unveiled. There’s a song called ‘Risky Places,’ which supposedly talks about places where Madonna wants to have sex, including Kendrick Lamar’s bathroom. ‘Smartgun,’ a song about policy brutality – more specifically with a young black boy. Additionally, some other song titles are said to be ‘Persistence,’ ‘Dos Hermano,’ and ‘Turn Back Time.’ And of course as she performed at the Met Gala, her new song ‘Beautiful Game’ is set to be included in this new album.

Madonna is no stranger to leaks and the insider even said, ‘She is going to be furious that her early work is already being leaked when the whole point is for it to have a shock impact.’

Back in 2014, a lot of Madonna’s Rebel Heart album leaked months in advance. The man responsible for this was hacker residing in Israel, who was later sentenced to over a year in prison. Back in 2012, Madonna’s album MDNA also made its way to the web a whole week before its official release.

We truly hope the music doesn’t make its way out to the world before Madonna decides it is ready; that way we get to hear it as it was meant to be.

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