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Mariah Carey Struggling To Sell Tickets To Vegas Residency



Mariah Carey Vegas

Mariah Carey is performing another residency this summer called The Butterfly Returns at the Colosseum in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, ticket sales are not doing as expected – including her opening night on July 5 which still has well over half the room unsold.

It’s kind of sad to see someone as iconic as Carey fail to sell out 12 shows at a theater in Las Vegas – especially considering that the entire top balcony seating is not even available for purchase.

Stella Bulochnikov, the singer’s longtime manager who was fired last November, was going to book her in smaller venues in Sin City to keep billing it as sold out shows, according to what an insider told Page Six. ‘Instead, they put her back in Caesars with 4,300 seats. It’s a disaster. Scalpers bought a bunch of the tix and are freaking out.’

The singer’s publicist denies these allegations, affirming that touring company Live Nation is pleased with ticket sales.

Carey’s downfall began a couple of years ago after nearly every performance was something to cry about: lip syncing, low energy, and no audience engagement. However, we were present at one of her Christmas shows in Vegas last December. And while it was not even close to sold out, she put on a much better show than anticipated.

It just seems like the public is tired of her antics and maybe not sure of what to expect when they go see Mariah, so they would rather not go at all. It’s clear that other acts that share the building such as Celine Dion and Reba and Brooks & Dunn are having no trouble selling tickets to their residencies.

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